Collection: Mat Marker Collection

Welcome to Mat Marker, the home of personalized yoga mat charms that allow you to express your unique style and make your mark on your yoga practice. Founded by Lisa Strawther in 2023, Mat Marker is a woman-owned company based in Las Vegas, dedicated to providing a new level of customization for yoga enthusiasts.

At Mat Marker, we understand that your yoga mat is more than just a piece of equipment - it's a reflection of your individuality and journey. That's why we offer a range of charms including stones, jewels, letters, and more, allowing you to transform your mat into a canvas of self-expression.

Our charms are designed to enhance your practice without impeding it or causing any harm to the floor. They are comfortable to step on and remain securely in place, so you can focus on your practice without any distractions.

You can purchase our Mat Markers directly from our website, and soon they will be available at your favorite yoga studio. You can also find us at yoga festivals and events, where we offer standard sets as well as custom designs to suit your unique preferences.

Elevate your yoga experience with Mat Markers and let your mat inspire your journey. Join our exclusive community and be the first to discover new releases and limited edition sets. Make your mark with Mat Marker and personalize your yoga practice like never before.