How to Mark Your Mat

Our 4 prong rivet charms are best for mats 5mm or less in thickness. Always double check the back side of your mat to make sure the prongs are bent in properly.


Q: Can I put my Yoga Mat Charms anywhere on my mat? 
A: Although many place their charms all over, we recommend the outer edge and corners for the best experience.

Q: Are my Yoga Mat Charms reusable?
A: The Chakras are not reusable once they've been installed. The Tree of Life charm can be taken off and on.

Q: Will my Yoga Mat Charms damage the floor?
A: Once properly installed, the charm backs do not touch the floor.

Q: Will yoga mat cleaner compromise my Yoga Mat Charms?
A: A light mist or a damp cloth on the charms will not harm your Yoga Mat Charms.